Sixers Reportedly a “Finalist” for “All But Inevitable” James Harden Deal (Update!)

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The James Harden saga hasn’t exactly approached Bryce Harper-levels of media reporting, but this one from Shams Charania seems rather serious.

At The Athletic, he teamed up with Sam Amick for a story titled Will a James Harden trade happen soon? Sources indicate it could,writing the following:

Sources tell The Athletic the Rockets are sifting through offers on a potential James Harden (sic) from two teams — the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers — that could culminate quickly. Approximately two months after he first asked to be traded, and with the Rockets (3-6) plummeting while the strain of it all reveals itself so plainly among his teammates, the situation is clearly reaching a breaking point and a deal appears all but inevitable. But which one will the Rockets pick?

The Nets have prepared a package to Houston for Harden featuring all of their four future first-round picks and three future pick swaps, multiple sources said. 

The Rockets have pursued a 76ers package centered on All-NBA star Ben Simmons, sources said. Boston and Toronto have also expressed interest at various points. Simmons, a two-time All-Star, has continued to grow his game on the defensive end of the floor. As far as star talent, the Rockets would be able to acquire a player in Simmons whose talent level may not be available elsewhere.

The story also says that the Rockets are interested in Matisse Thybulle.

Question is what Houston is really after here. Do they want picks or players? Both? Ben Simmons is probably the best player they can get back in a trade from either team, unless Kyrie Irving is on the table. Brooklyn moving four first rounders and three pick swaps would be a blockbuster trade. Wild stuff.

Stand by everybody.


Update #2:

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