T.J. Watt Lays the Smack Down on Flyers-Hating Pittsburgh Radio Host

This is a good one.

Remember Mark Madden? He’s the Pittsburgh radio blowhard who hates the Flyers and has a Twitter profile photo showing the Liverpool F.C. crest. Former wrestling guy. Now he does the cornball shock jock routine on the Yinzer airwaves.

Recently, he reported that Steelers OLB T.J. Watt skipped his exit interview, which Watt says is not true:

Man, that is a bad look. Let me think of a wrestling analogy…

It’s like Mark Madden was laying flat on the mat and and T.J. Watt climbed to the top rope and delivered a Five-Star Frog Splash, which surely would put Madden out for the count.


Madden kicks out of the pin! He’s not done yet! –

So now we have a conundrum. You have to make a choice. Do you believe Mark Madden’s sources? Or do you believe the player himself?

We might have to get these two into the squared circle to settle the score. Dumpster match? Boiler room brawl? HELL IN A CELL!?

The winner is exonerated and gets free Primanti Brothers for life.


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