The Eagles Next Head Coach is Nick Sirianni

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Come on down, Nick Sirianni!

You’re the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles:

He’s it, baby!

Tell you what, I don’t think the average Philadelphia Eagles fan would say they know much about Nick Sirianni, but we’d take him over Josh McDaniels any day of the week. I just wonder if Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce was in serious consideration for the gig…

Sirianni is 39 years old. He knew Frank Reich from their San Diego days and then went to Indy back in 2018 to become his offensive coordinator. His NFL resume dates back to 2009, when he joined the Chiefs as their offensive quality control guy, and he spent a few years prior in the college ranks with IUP (yes, that IUP), and a small Ohio school called Mount Union.

The Colts’ offense was decent enough during Sirianni’s tenure.

Here are some per-game numbers:

  • 2018: 27 points (5th), 386 yards (6th), 279 passing yards (6th), 107 rushing yards (20th)
  • 2019: 23 points (16th), 327 yards (25th), 194 passing yards (30th), 133 rushing yards (7th)
  • 2020: 28 points (9th), 378 yards (10th), 253 passing yards (11th), 125 rushing yards (11th)

They were 10-6 that first season, which happened to be Andrew Luck’s final year before retiring. Then Sirianni had Jacoby Brissett in 2019 and the numbers obviously dipped. They went back up this season with Philip Rivers.

Certainly the Eagles feel like they’re getting an offensive mind who can fix Carson Wentz. His mentor, Reich, had much success as Wentz’s offensive coordinator during Carson’s first two years in the league. Sirianni is a first-time NFL head coach, as Doug Pederson and Chip Kelly were before him.

That’s all we really know about Nick right now, but we know one thing for certain – he’s the guy!

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