The Next Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Needs to be…

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…somebody who can develop a quarterback.

Or somebody who can fix Carson Wentz. That has to be priority number one when looking for Doug Pederson’s replacement. No defensive coordinators or veteran NFL retreads. It needs to be a younger, offensive-minded person who will be alright with Howie Roseman picking the players, though it’s not like the candidate is going to have much of a choice anyway. Much like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, Howie is not leaving. The show goes on!

You’ve seen a lot of names floating around out there – Mike Kafka. Duce Staley. Nathaniel Hackett, etc.

Here are five guys who I think would be a really nice fit in Philadelphia:

Brian Daboll

Daboll should be every Eagles fan’s number one choice.

He is Buffalo’s offensive coordinator and has done wonders with Josh Allen and that offense up there. He also spent a year at Alabama as quarterbacks coach, when Jalen Hurts was on the roster with Tua Tagovailoa. I’m not sure what the personal relationship is between Daboll and Hurts at this point in time, but they know one another and Jalen’s skill set is very similar what to what Allen brings to the table. If that situation is enticing for Daboll, maybe he considers Philly.

Personally, I think he goes elsewhere, but this would a slam dunk hire.

Lincoln Riley

Hurts’ coach at Oklahoma. A better version of Kliff Kingsbury and a bright young offensive mind coming out of the Big 12.

They’ve been in contact:

If Riley comes in, you pair him with a veteran, grizzled defensive coordinator and just allow the head coach to focus on the offense and the quarterback position. Howie can run the show and pick the players and blah blah, while the 37-year-old former Big 12 Coach of the Year and Broyles Award winner familiarizes himself with the NFL game in a scenario where he will not be expected to win right away.

Arthur Smith

Smith is the 38-year-old offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans.

In 2020, his second year on the job, Tennessee put up 396 yards per game and was ranked third in total offense across the NFL. They scored the league’s fourth most points, ran for the second most yards with Derrick Henry leading the way, and threw for 228 yards per game behind a Ryan Tannehill that looked completely different than the guy we saw in Miami.

Smith has spent almost 10 full years in the Titans’ organization, despite being relatively young by NFL coaching standards.

Eric Bieniemy

The Chiefs’ offensive coordinator has interviewed with multiple teams already, and for a while was the hottest name on the market.

He’s still a very attractive candidate for any team, the question is similar, however, to what we asked with Doug Pederson when he arrived in Philly –

Is Bieniemy going to call the plays? Does he bring in another coordinator to do it? The structure in Kansas City is a bit different than in other markets, and previous KC coordinators don’t have a ton of play-calling experience, but pulling somebody from the Andy Reid coaching tree is always a solid move. I’m just not sure if there’s Andy/Doug fatigue in the fan base right now.

Joe Brady

Four years ago, Brady was a Penn State graduate assistant. Now he’s the Panthers’ offensive coordinator and interviewing for head coaching gigs at age 31, which is insane.

Brady is most known for his one-year stint at LSU, when he coordinated the offense that Joe Burrow used to obliterate the competition en route to a national title. This year, with Teddy Bridgewater, the Panthers finished middle of the pack in most offensive categories, but they played most of the season without Christian McCaffrey and were competitive in most of their games. Brady unlocked Curtis Samuel and turned Robby Anderson into a 1,000 yard receiver. If you look closely, you’ll find a lot of interesting positives there.

I don’t know how veteran players will respond to a guy who is younger than they are, but Brady is smart offensive mind and would be an interesting hire.

He’s linked to Atlanta:

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