Troy Aikman Says QB Disagreement Played a Role in Doug Pederson’s Firing

Photo credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

At The Philadelphia Inquirer, Paul Domowitch has some quotes from Troy Aikman, which come from a soon-to-be released podcast appearance. 

The gist is that Aikman believes the quarterback position played a role in the Eagles’ decision to move on from the Super Bowl winning coach.

Writes Domo:

Doug Pederson’s firing Monday was good news for Carson Wentz and not-so-good news for Jalen Hurts, Troy Aikman said.

The Fox Sports analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback was a guest on the Michael Irvin Podcast on PodcastOne, which drops Thursday morning. He said he spoke with Pederson after he was let go by the Eagles.

Aikman said he gathered from his conversation with Pederson that “a difference of opinion in how they were going to move forward with the quarterback position” played a role in his firing.

“Jeffrey Lurie has paid a lot of money to Carson Wentz, and they’re on the hook with him, and can’t get out of that contract right away,” Aikman told Irvin, his longtime friend and former Cowboys teammate.

“It’s my belief that Doug Pederson felt that Jalen Hurts probably [should be] the quarterback going forward. But how does that mesh [with Wentz’s contract situation]? I believe it all came down to how they’re going to handle Carson Wentz.”

Hmm, well that’s intriguing.

Jeffrey Lurie said on Monday that the Eagles were essentially entering a transition period, so you’d think they might do that with a second-year quarterback instead of a sixth-year player with injury history who has significantly regressed. But if the contract is what it is, and they’re stuck with Carson Wentz, then perhaps he and Howie Roseman are of the mindset that continuing with Wentz is the way to go.

Lurie, for what it’s worth, was asked directly on Monday if the quarterback position had anything to do with Doug’s firing, and gave a long and meandering answer that essentially amounted to no. He talked about multiple “variables” that led to the decision.

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