At last check, ESPN’s Adam Schefter didn’t think Carson Wentz would be back with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021.

That was on January 6th, before Nick Sirianni was hired, a thought he shared on John Kincade’s new 97.5 the Fanatic morning show.

Fast forward to today, Wednesday, February 3rd, and the topic came up again on Schefty’s weekly hit, because of course it did. We can’t go two seconds in this town without talking about CARSON WENTZ, even though the Sixers are the best team in the Eastern Conference and the Flyers are playing really good hockey. They’re getting pucks in deep and putting bodies in front of the net. The forecheck looks great.

But nooooo, it’s the same thing every day, and here’s what Schefter said about Wentz this time:


“…and wants to leave the franchise. That’s why the trade is still in play. This is all real. None of this is made up. Just because he would like to be moved doesn’t mean he will be. If I had to guess, I would guess he is traded. That would be my guess, okay? At some point this offseason. They’re not looking to get rid of him. They’re not.” 

So when you listen back to the full interview and look for context, they actually opened the conversation by talking about the fact that Wentz hasn’t spoken to the media recently, which Schefter said “tells him something.” He was the one who took the convo in that direction, so the information was shared voluntarily. It’s not like he was pushed to drop some kind of juicy tidbit.

The interesting thing is considering what compensation would look like for Wentz. Schefter believes the minimum would be a first round draft pick, and the market was somewhat set when the Rams shipped Jared Goff, two first rounders, and a third rounder to Detroit for Matt Stafford. You would probably put an asterisk on that though, since the Rams frequently trade first round picks and rarely ever use them. The don’t value first rounders the way other teams do.

Anyway, this has been your Adam Schefter-on-Carson Wentz update.