Adam Schefter With More Details on the Carson Wentz Trade

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Wentz Watch 2021 is over. Thank the lord.

Interestingly enough, we’re now getting some residual tidbits of information. Some peripheral details that shed light on the Colts’ deal and how talks progressed over the last few weeks.

Adam “Schefty” Schefter, who broke the trade news, returned to 97.5 the Fanatic for what feels like the 10th time in two weeks, and delivered some insight on Friday morning, saying this about how the deal transpired:

“The talks heated up the day after Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff were traded. That was a week before the Super Bowl. The last Sunday in January. I got a call that Monday or Tuesday that the deal was getting done. It didn’t, and I think the call I got was a little overstated, but it also was reflective of the fact that there were already serious talks going on at that point in time. The Colts came up on their initial offer a little bit, but really in the end, their final offer was in place for I would a say a good week, maybe longer, two weeks. The delay was the Eagles waiting to see whether any other teams were going to jump in, whether any other teams were gonna make an offer, whether any other teams were going to offer more. And the reality is, I don’t think anybody else besides Indianapolis made an offer.”

Schefter also said this about the Doug Pederson/Carson Wentz relationship:

“I don’t think they wanted to be together. And that’s not unusual. A lot of head coaches and quarterbacks over time grow to not like each other or not want to work with each other. I don’t know the exact issue, but I know they were done with each other.”

Here’s the link to the full interview if you’d like to listen.

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