Some more nuggets hitting Twitter right now:

It was reported that Wentz preferred the Colts to the Bears, and who can blame him? Indy is the much better situation. Better coach, better GM, better offensive line and skill players. Chicago has Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy on the hot seat, and there’s more pressure on them, in a bigger media market, to win this year or get out of town.

Additionally, Jeff McLane says the deal the Eagles settled on “had been the Colts’ offer for some time.” If that’s the case, then Howie Roseman obviously wasn’t able to leverage anything better, and there likely wasn’t a robust market to begin with.

So yeah, it’s easy to kill Howie for this when you look at the entirety of the situation. The Jalen Hurts draft pick, the Wentz extension, and the mismanaged roster. But in a vacuum, when considering that the franchise QB wanted out in a low-to-no leverage situation, getting back a third rounder and a second that will likely become a first isn’t the worst thing in the world. He doesn’t look great, but he doesn’t look horrible either, so it’s kind of what we’d expect considering the circumstances.