Now these are pretty cool.

Budweiser on Wednesday released these limited-edition Sixers beer cans, which feature vintage designs. It’s part of a series giving 24 NBA teams their own cans, but who really gives a shit about those other franchises?

On the Sixers cans, there are two different taglines. One says “This Jawn Right Here” and the other says “Birthplace of America.” The cans also have the Mitchell & Ness brand and say “Brewed for Philadelphians.”

Some photos:

You can find these at your local beer store and they will be available for a limited time.

Cool cans though. What you need to do is find one, dump out the Budweiser, and then refill it with Evil Genius, Hidden Sands, or Freewill Brewing. Then you’re set. No IPAs though. IPAs are gross, unless you enjoy the taste of hoppy pinecone linoleum.