Carson Wentz Trade Nuggets: Deal is Reportedly “Close”

It was Judge Elihu Smails from the 1980 film Caddyshack who famously said “Well? We’re waiting!

He wasn’t talking about Carson Wentz trade rumors, but he may as well have been, because that’s how we all feel at this point. If the trade is coming then let’s #DoTheDeal and get this shit over with.

Enter’s Mike Kaye, who has quietly thrust himself into the upper echelon of Eagles reporters. Kaye has had a nice run this offseason with some accurate reporting and in general does a nice job on the beat, so when he writes this, it’s believable:

Carson Wentz’s time with the Eagles is nearing its end, a person with knowledge of his trade market told NJ Advance Media on Monday.

“I think that ship has sailed,” said the person, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly and was granted anonymity. “I expect him to go (Monday) or (Tuesday).”

According to the person, the belief around the league is that the trade market will come down to the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts. While a third undisclosed team is said to be in the mix, the source noted that the Bears and Colts are in the driver’s seat and a deal is “close.”

Hmm.. I wonder who the mystery third team is. Maybe the Patriots? San Francisco? Las Vegas? Those latter two would make a lot of sense.

There’s another report with some nuggets from The Athletic’s Zak Keefer and Stephen Holder, who cover the Colts:

Yes, the quarterback-needy Colts are weighing a move for Eagles QB Carson Wentz at the moment, but, according to those familiar with the Colts’ thinking, the team also is weighing other options at the position, and by no means is the pursuit of Wentz an all or nothing type gambit.

What this will come down to — with the Bears and other teams also reported to be involved — is trade compensation. An initial asking price for Wentz, according to one league source, was two first-round picks and an additional pick, similar to what the Lions recently received from the Rams for Matthew Stafford.

If the Eagles can get two first rounders and another draft pick for Wentz, then I’d take back everything I’ve ever written about Howie Roseman. That would be amazing and sounds nearly impossible to pull off. Maybe there’s a 1% chance of it happening.

Meantime, we’re taking odds on who will break the Wentz trade first. At Crossing Broad sportsbook, Adam Schefter leads the pack at -350. Ian Rapoport is up there at -160. We’ll put Kaye on the board at +225 and Howard “The King” Eskin at +900, which is great value.

Somebody on Twitter asked what would happen if Josina Anderson broke the news, which is insane to think about. If Josina was first on the Carson Wentz trade, I’d jump off the route 73 bridge near Schwenksville and into the dark and icy waters of the Perkiomen Creek.

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