Coach Who Advised Doug Pederson on In-Game Analytics Decisions is Gone

The Eagles made final Nick Sirianni’s coaching staff this week, and among the names not included was Ryan Paganetti.

He was the main gameday analytics guy, as T-Mac points out here:

Mixed bag for analytics in recent years. Doug’s data-driven aggressiveness paid off big time in 2017, but he seemed out of sorts this year, and left a lot to be desired in the decision making department.

For some context, the Eagles kept six coaches from last year – Jeff Stoutland, Aaron Moorehead, Jeremiah Washburn, Roy Istvan, Joe Pannunzio, and TJ Paganetti, who is Ryan Paganetti’s older brother. 

There’s nobody on the coaching list who is specifically in charge of analytics, but there are four people within football operations who contain some form of “analyst” in their job title, for what it’s worth.

New coach, new staff, but an organization that has always wanted to be ahead of the data curve. We’ll see how that manifests in 2021.

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