DeSean Jaccson is Being Released

from DeSean's Instagram

In three and a half years with Crossing Broad, Kyle has threatened to fire me twice.

The first time was if I did not include the Seinfeld Keith Hernandez clip in a specific story. The second time was when I wrote “DeSean Jackson” instead of “DeSean Jaccson.”

I don’t wanted to be fired, so we’ll keep with the last name of “Jaccson” in sharing this John Clark tweet:

It would seem as though D Jax pretty much said as much on Instagram on Friday afternoon:

Obviously DeSean’s Eagles’ return was a disaster. He couldn’t stay on the field, and played just eight games after signing a three year, $28 million dollar contract. He elected not to have surgery for the sports hernia, tried to come back, got hurt again, and then something very similar happened this year, when he was injured on the punt return. It was just a train wreck all around.

In his second stint here, D Jax caught 23 passes for 395 yards and three touchdowns. The deep bombs in the week one Washington game were a thing of beauty, but short lived. It was a real shame.

Releasing DeSean saves the eagles about $5 million in cap space and the roster gets younger.

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