The Birds’ offense was horrid in 2020. Just total dreck. Cumbersome, laborious, and unpleasant to behold. By week six, watching paint dry was more exciting than Eagles football. You’d find more intrigue on the bustling streets of Souderton in the middle of the pandemic.

But rest assured, Eagle fans:

Travis Fulgham and Jalen Reagor aren’t worried, at all. That’s great. I am now assured.

Same Fulgham, by the way, who looked like a superstar for a few weeks, then fell off the face of the Earth.

Same Reagor who showed some flashes, but missed games due to injury and ended up being the least productive first-round receiver taken in a fantastic receiver draft.

But listen, if these guys aren’t worried, then that’s great. Maybe they’ll both go for 1,000 yards with Jalen Hurts slinging the rock. Maybe they are secretly telling us that Carson Wentz totally stunk, and they think they’ll be unshackled next year and headed to the Pro Bowl with a different QB under center.

Only time will tell.