For Some Reason, Mike Greenberg Will Host ESPN’s NFL Draft Coverage

from ESPN Press Room

There are not a lot of universally shared opinions among Crossing Broad staffers, but one common thread is that none of us are Mike Greenberg fans.

It’s not meant as disrespect. Obviously the guy has put together a fantastic broadcasting career. We just think he’s boring. Vanilla. Bland. Somebody who fails to move the needle while hosting one of the most basic and surface-level shows to ever air on ESPN.

Somebody at the network must really like Greenberg, however, because now he’s being tabbed to lead their 2021 draft coverage.

Writes Joe Lucia at Awful Announcing:

With Trey Wingo leaving ESPN last fall, the network was in need of an NFL Draft host this April. A year ago, Wingo hosted the ESPN/NFL Network Voltron of Draft coverage from Bristol (a role he held for several years), while Rece Davis anchored ABC’s coverage. Davis, NFL Live host Laura Rutledge, Sam Ponder, Suzy Kolber, or many other personalities would have been fine choices for the main broadcast this year, but ESPN is reportedly going in a different direction.

Instead, according to the New York Post, they’re going with Mike Fucking Greenberg.

Greenberg isn’t an NFL expert – he’s the host of a morning show and a radio show. In my opinion, choosing him over someone who actively hosts NFL studio coverage is a disservice to viewers.

Gotta agree with Lucia here. 100%.

On Get Up, Greenberg just steers the discussion to various people who do know what they’re talking about. He’s just a facilitator, which is basically what’s going to happen with the draft coverage. And in that case, ESPN has better facilitators. Wendi Nix, Laura Rutledge, Sam Ponder, Rece Davis, etc. Not sure about you, but I would take any one of those four over Greeny. I would welcome the return of Chris Berman before watching Mike Greenberg lead the network’s draft coverage.

The thing about ESPN is that they will lock on to one person and then put them on all of these shows to give them a push. They did this with Stephen A Smith, who was everywhere. They had the guy doing mixed martial arts, for crying out loud. He was out here talking about Henry Cejudo and T.J. Dillashaw, but couldn’t tell you the difference between a full mount and a half guard.

If I’m a corporate suit at ESPN, I honestly just call Trey Wingo and ask if he wants to come back on a special assignment. NFL draft. We’ll pay you $25k to do it. Even if Wingo isn’t with the company anymore, cut a special deal, like how Brit Hume does Fox News a few nights a week. I’ll take Wingo, Berman, Rutledge, Nix, Ponder, Zubin Mehenti, Kevin Negandhi, or pretty much any other ESPN personality on draft coverage. Anybody but Mike Greenberg.

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