Here’s another Kyle Lowry rumor, which means Kyle Scott will awaken from his slumber, kick down the figurative door, and demand that we get this up on the site. He has ordered that all Lowry rumors take top priority on the editorial side, since he’s a Villanova guy supporting Villanova guys.

If you ask the maestro, the Sixers should go out and trade for Mikal Bridges and Saddiq Bey. They should add Scottie Reynolds and Darrun Hilliard. They should hire Jay Wright and also bring in Allan Ray and Randy Foye, and then they will sweep the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Over at the Inquirer, Keith Pompey says Lowry would be interested in moves to the Clippers, Heat, or Sixers:

According to sources, those three teams could become potential trade destinations for the former Cardinal Dougherty High School and Villanova standout. That is, of course, if Lowry opts to not finish the season with the Raptors.

A source said Lowry would like to be in Philly. The source believes the Sixers and Raptors might be able to get something done. But if it comes to that, Toronto would most likely want some picks, young players, and veterans with expiring contracts for Lowry, who’s making $30 million this season.

Hell nah. No way am I giving up picks and “young players” for a Kyle Lowry rental, even if he agrees to play here on a cheaper one-year deal after his contract expires.

Also, if the Sixers go ahead and trade for Lowry, will he have to fight Ben Simmons outside of the locker room? Remember that? When both players were ejected in a 2018 game and both players basically said that they weren’t going to take that shit?

A year later, Simmons elbowed Lowry in the nuts in game three of the 2019 Eastern Conference semifinals:

He was fined $20k for the “groin” shot.

Both guys downplayed the incident and said it was no big deal, and two years later is probably is not a big deal. But the thing about Lowry is that he’s totally annoying. He’s a savvy veteran who gets under people’s skin, flops, and draws fouls, the type of guy you absolutely hate when he’s on the other team but bend over backward to defend when he’s on your team. I can’t imagine there would be an issue if Simmons and Lowry were teammates, but they’ve had a couple of dust ups in the past and you never know if that stuff lingers.