Remember the Eagles’ week six loss to the Ravens?

Probably not. You’ve probably purged this season from memory, but this was actually one of the more intriguing Sundays, a game where the Eagles were down by multiple scores and charged back to cut the lead to two points before ultimately falling by a 30-28 scoreline.

One of the early plays in the game made every NFL highlight reel that week, and was shared all over the web. It was Lamar Jackson running to his right, juking Brandon Graham, and then throwing a seven-yard dart to Nick Boyle.

Here it is in all its glory:

Linebacker Alex Singleton was also involved in that play, somewhat, and he was asked on the latest Wooderboys Podcast about that sequence. He laughed while giving this explanation:

Singleton: “All week (in practice) it was like, ‘hey yo, Lamar Jackson is super good, he’s gonna make guys miss, but when you’re pursuing him, just go after him like a running back.’ You just kind of keep running. You’re going to put your hands up, down, whatever. We were in goal line (defense), so we’re allowed to add (bodies), because we have safety help really close. At a certain point, the frontside linebacker (fills the space), because the back side guy is coming over. So when BG missed, I was like, ‘oh cool, let’s go get him.’ (laughing). I started running and was like, ‘okay cool, he’s holding the ball low, this is gonna be fine.’ And I was five or six yards away. It’s not like I was anywhere near being able to make a play. He just, whoosh, stops on a dime and whips it sideways, and I was like, ‘okay that was impressive, that was pretty cool actually.’ Sometimes when guys score or make a big play, you’re just like, ‘that was pretty sick.’ Dudes are gonna score. It was one of those, where I was thinking it was pretty cool, and then a bunch of my buddies were sending me that picture, like it looks like I should have done something.”

Wooderboys: Was the group chat pretty bad that day?

Singleton: “Yeah, it was like, ‘where do you want me to put my hands?’ (laughs). I didn’t know he was going to do that. I’m just happy I didn’t end up falling backwards trying to do something.”

It’s funny, because it does look like Singleton could have done something on the play. But when you watch it a few times, he’s filling the gap and has Jackson contained, then the sidearm throw comes out of nowhere.

Good interview with the Eagles’ linebacker, who was one of the few bright spots in 2020.

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