It’s over. Thank God.

This is what Mike Garafolo is saying about that pick turning into a first:

“The conditional second-rounder in 2022 becomes a first-rounder if Wentz plays 75 percent of the snaps or 70 percent and the team makes the playoffs.”

Hmm, well that will probably hit as long as Carson stays healthy. Only once did he play less than 70% of the total snaps in Philadelphia, and that was the 2018 year, when he finished with 66%. Surely he’s not gonna get yanked again out there in Indy, so if he shrugs off his 2020 slump, the Eagles could end up with a first and a third out of this. They have to kick the can down the road for a year, but if we assume the team is gonna stink again this year, then it’s more palatable.

On the surface, it looks like Howie Roseman got worked, but I’m not sure what they could really do in this situation. We know Carson wanted out, the leverage wasn’t there, and therefore the Colts didn’t have to overpay. It feels like the Eagles could have come up with something better or more immediate than this, but the bottom line is that they’re moving on from a bad situation they are responsible for creating, and can now look to the future.