Jason Avant used to train at the Starfinder Foundation in Manayunk back in the day. Good dude, the former Eagle receiver.

He was with the Birds this season, a coaching prospect as part of the NFL’s “Bill Walsh NFL Diversity Fellowship,” which uses training camps, offseason programs, and minicamps to give would-be coaches a foot in a door, some exposure, and a chance a full-time gig somewhere down the line.

Speaking recently with John “Airport” Clark, Avant said this about everybody’s favorite topic, Carson Wentz –

We don’t need to rehash the 2018 season, since it absolutely stunk, but that was when Carson was coming off the ACL surgery, so he didn’t play the first two games. He came back in week three, won that game against the Colts, and then the Birds went on to lose a couple of close ones to Minnesota, Tennessee, and Carolina.

The back injury then showed up, and we never got a feel for how serious it really was. Foles replaced Wentz in mid-December, won three-straight games, and then carried the Eagles to the playoff divisional round.

Perhaps the point worth stressing is that the Birds never put Wentz on injured reserve, so there seemed to be a lot of fuzziness surrounding his health at that point. Jeff McLane and other reporters did their best to try to dig up information regarding Wentz’s back and whatever the hell was going on, but solid tidbits were hard to come by, because of HIPAA and all of that.

Frustrating year, 2018. I know fans and former players were annoyed with the medical staff over the years, and it would be reckless to speculate RE: Wentz’s experience with that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the relationship with the team began to wane earlier than we thought.