Let’s get it back to Carson Wentz.

Is this trade happening or not?

Jaws says this about negotiations:

Two second rounders? Maybe a third or fourth? Dude, Howie, just take it. Do the deal. Move on and let’s close this chapter forever, because we need something new to talk about. We need to advance the story.

Second round draft picks are good. There is always a Pro Bowler pulled out of the second round. The Eagles got Zach Ertz, Miles Sanders, Mychal Kendricks, Shady McCoy, and D Jax in the second round. Last year alone, Antoine Winfield, Jonathan Taylor, Tee Higgins, D’Andre Swift, Michael Pittman Jr., and Jeremy Chinn ALL went in this round.

Let’s go. Let’s get this done. Do the deal, Howie.