News here from New Jersey:

This doesn’t do anything for us in Philadelphia, but it gives us an idea of what Pennsylvania might do. If New Jersey is moving to ease restrictions, then the Commonwealth might not be far behind, even though we’re doing a shitty job at getting the vaccine out, compared to other states.

Recently, Keith Pompey at the Inquirer reported that the Flyers, Sixers, and Wells Fargo Center pitched the City of Philadelphia on the idea of having 5,000 fans in the arena for events. I’d assume that’s going to be rejected, since local officials have been notoriously wary of lifting COVID-related restrictions. What will likely happen, going by the pattern of the decision making we have previously experienced, is that Pennsylvania will ease the capacity rules, and then Philadelphia will be a few weeks behind before opening up sports complex doors again. Getting bodies in the Center before April feels like wishful thinking at this point, but fingers crossed.