Phillies Add Another Pitcher

Photo Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Things are looking up in Phillies land.

J.T. Realmuto is back. Didi Gregorius is back. Zack Wheeler got his fingernail repaired and Dave Dombrowski is rehauling Major League Baseball’s worst bullpen.

Here’s another addition to the pitching rotation:

Scott Lauber at the Inquirer says it’s a one year, $4 million dollar deal with the right hander. Anderson is 33 years old now and pitched 33 innings with a 7.22 ERA last season, so that’s not great, though he did have a very nice 10.2 SO/9 number. In the five seasons prior, Anderson’s ERA hovered right around four, and he was appearing in about 30 games per season with Diamondbacks and Brewers.

It’s not a move that makes you jump out of your seat and say “we’re going to the World Series,” but whatever, let’s make some moves and see what happens.

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