The Philadelphia Phillies have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with radio partner 94 WIP, and there’s no reason for them to go anywhere else.

Having originally signed a multi-year deal with CBS Radio back in 2016, the Phils have now extended their radio deal with Entercom, which bought 94 WIP back in 2017.

Jeff Blumenthal shared the details in a story exclusive to the Philadelphia Business Journal:

The fundamentals of the arrangement have not changed. The Phillies sell most of the advertising themselves with Entercom providing some as well. One key change will an increased role for DraftKings, which will be presenting sponsor for the pre-game show and have a two-minute segment dedicated toward sports betting analysis of that night’s game and others around Major League Baseball.


The contract will continue to include live play-by-play coverage of Phillies spring training, regular season and post-season games. WIP will host regular broadcasts from a permanent radio studio built on the concourse within Citizens Bank Park.

The team of Scott Franzke, Larry Andersen and Kevin Fransden will return to the booth.

No big changes here. The games will be on WIP. They’ve been on WIP exclusively since 2016, though the Phils first made it to FM in 2012 via simulcast, with games also appearing on 1210 WPHT. That’s now a thing of the past, the AM radio broadcast.

I also enjoyed this passage from Blumenthal’s story:

With the team’s playoff drought, the Phillies have faced the ire of WIP hosts and callers in recent years.

“That can get a little frustrating,” (Executive VP Dave) Buck admitted. “We don’t mind if they have an opinion. The only issue we would have is if they would make things up. We would only want them to call us first.”

Radio hosts making things up? They wouldn’t dare! So the message from Buck is that you should call up the Phils before making up some crap and sharing it on the radio.

Otherwise, it’s all good. The Phils and WIP have had a long and healthy relationship, and it continues.

Here’s Jeff’s full exclusive, which is worth a read and worth a click. It’s worth both:

Exclusive: Phillies reach multi-year radio rights deal with Entercom