Rotoworld Rebranded as “NBC Sports Edge”

If you were a fantasy football or baseball person over the years, you definitely visited Rotoworld.

Without any warning, the site rebranded this week and is now called “NBC Sports Edge,” explained here by editor Matt Pouliot:

Rotoworld was acquired by NBC Sports about 15 years ago and contained primarily fantasy sports and news. They’ve got various subscription services and premium content geared around the topic, though this rebrand puts a larger emphasis on betting.

Writes Ian Casselberry at Awful Announcing:

Getting rid of an established brand in fantasy sports is a bit curious. But pulling everything under the NBC Sports umbrella probably shouldn’t be a surprise. And if the aim is to eventually emphasize sports betting content over fantasy information — a trend becoming apparent in everyday sports fandom, as well — then the rebrand makes sense for a larger outlet like NBC Sports.

Though this change might reflect the direction of consumer trends among sports fans, it’s still a somewhat sad development among longtime fantasy baseball and football fans who relied on Rotoworld. And not just for news and information that could help with a fantasy team, but sports news in general. Who’s injured? Who’s playing well? Which players are on the rise or decline? Such content informed sports watching in general.

Overall, it’s a combination makeover/rebrand. There’s a new color scheme to go with the new name, though most of the original offerings are still there. A lot of the writers took to Twitter to assure readers that the fantasy focus isn’t going anywhere, it’s just a “refresh” of sorts as NBC continues to tweak is sports properties.

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