Writes Kevin O’Connor at The Ringer:

“The Sixers, meanwhile, could make a big acquisition of their own. League sources say Philadelphia, which came up short in its bid for Harden, is still seeking major moves to increase its championship odds. The trade market still needs to take shape in the coming weeks, so realistic targets are unclear. But one name to monitor is Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, a 34-year-old Philadelphia native in the final season of his contract. A veteran perimeter shot-creator is the only piece the Sixers truly lack, and there aren’t many other players on Lowry’s level who are even theoretically available.”

The Sixers showing interest in a Villanova guy? This has awoken Kyle from his slumber. He even went to Twitter to share a story he wrote four years ago, and he now claims that the Sixers would have won the title if Bryan Colangelo signed Lowry in 2017. He argues that the Sixers would have beat the Raptors in the playoffs the following season, if they had Lowry on the team.

Kyle’s arguments can’t be taken seriously because he’s a blind Villanova loyalist supporting Villanova guys. Yes, Lowry has been fantastic for the Raptors, and was a huge part of that title run, but we can’t sit here and do hypothetical exercises that bring us to any kind of logical conclusion. It’s a dead-end road.

To advance the story, yes, bringing in Lowry now would improve the Sixers. Of course it would. He’s a veteran winner who can create a shot. He brings that savvy that can’t be taught. He also flops and complains to the refs, but if he’s doing it for the Sixers, then there’s no complaining.

You’d have to play Lowry off ball for a significant chunk of time, as long as he shares the floor with Ben Simmons, but that’s alright. Lowry can do that quite easily. He’s a 39% three point shooter this season and would benefit from open looks Simmons generates in transition, then he can handle the ball in those half court sets where the Sixers are forced to slow it down.

Compensation would be tricky. And would Toronto even move Lowry at this point? They’re above .500 and playing better basketball now. Lowry is a free agent after this season, but if they think they have another run in them, then of course they wouldn’t move him.

Anyway, Kyle says every Lowry rumor is a post from here on out. As a good employee who always follows direction, I will adhere to the passed-down edict.