The Eagles Never Requested an Interview with Eric Bieniemy

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is intriguing.

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy was one of the hottest head coach candidates for this hiring cycle, but didn’t end up with a job. Turns out that the Eagles, who went with Nick Sirianni instead, didn’t even request an interview with Bieniemy:

On the surface, this would seem really strange. Bieniemy comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree and served in the same role as Doug Pederson. Knowing how Jeffrey Lurie feels about Reid, you’d think, at the very least, they’d request an interview with his offensive coordinator, who didn’t call plays, but won a Super Bowl with the team last season and is playing in another one on Sunday.

Or, it could be that the Eagles don’t think very highly of Bieniemy at all. Maybe they wanted to deviate from the Andy Reid tree entirely. That’s plausible as well.

It’s interesting though. Bieniemy was a consensus slam dunk to be a head coach somewhere in 2021, but not only did he not land a gig, the Eagles didn’t even ask for an interview.

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