“This is a G** D*** Action Figure” – Darius Slay With a Recap of His Ill-Fated Matchup Against DK Metcalf

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Darius Slay didn’t have a good week twelve against DK Metcalf.

He gave up eight completions on 11 targets to the Seahawks’ receiver, allowing 171 yards on the night. After the game, he said it was the worst performance of his career and told the defense it was on him.

The other day, he was doing an Instagram live video, and talked about the matchup in a video that features language that is hilarious, but definitely not safe for work, so throw on a set of headphones if you have to:

“This dude here is really trippin’. So I’m HOT! Hot hot!”

The incident that Slay is talking about happened early in the game. You probably remember it. They were shoving on the first offensive series and the Eagles corner got hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct, probably because he initiated the first post-whistle push even though Metcalf gave him a hard shove off the line:

Anyway, this was a fantastic narration. Need more of this moving forward.

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