If we’re being honest with ourselves, Wendy’s burgers are better than McDonald’s and Burger King. They do the square patties with the cheese on both sides, and it just results in a better taste than what you’d get at the other two places.

Wendy’s also has a fantastic social media manager, who is clever and witty and sharp. Thursday, this person or persons was participating in a fake social media holiday called “National Roast Day” and insulted anybody and everybody, including this Flyers fan:

Sheesh. Alright. I know the Flyers haven’t won it in a long time, but go easy on us.

Here’s Wendy’s roasting the Tampa Bay Rays:

lol get it? Because they pulled Blake Snell early in the world series? Great roast.

And then some meteorologists were offended by this one:

Mike Golic Jr:

A burn for the hipsters out there:

A Jason Alexander roast:

And here’s one ripping on a girl with a Slayer t-shirt:


Well done! Elite roasting.