Wendy’s Twitter Account Goes on Roasting Spree, Flyers Not Spared

where's the beef?

If we’re being honest with ourselves, Wendy’s burgers are better than McDonald’s and Burger King. They do the square patties with the cheese on both sides, and it just results in a better taste than what you’d get at the other two places.

Wendy’s also has a fantastic social media manager, who is clever and witty and sharp. Thursday, this person or persons was participating in a fake social media holiday called “National Roast Day” and insulted anybody and everybody, including this Flyers fan:

Sheesh. Alright. I know the Flyers haven’t won it in a long time, but go easy on us.

Here’s Wendy’s roasting the Tampa Bay Rays:

lol get it? Because they pulled Blake Snell early in the world series? Great roast.

And then some meteorologists were offended by this one:

Mike Golic Jr:

A burn for the hipsters out there:

A Jason Alexander roast:

And here’s one ripping on a girl with a Slayer t-shirt:


Well done! Elite roasting.