Yahoo Appears to be Down to One Major League Baseball Expert

Interesting story at Awful Announcing, where Joe Lucia notes that Yahoo Sports decided to let go of two MLB writers, essentially leaving Philly-area native Hannah Keyser as the site’s lone baseball contributor.

Writes Lucia:

The main MLB portal at Yahoo Sports is mainly compromised of a feed consisting of stories from national outlets, newspapers, and NBC-affiliated local sites. Incredibly, it’s about to get even less interesting.

On Tuesday, Yahoo MLB writers Tim Brown and Mike Oz announced they’d no longer be with the company.

Yahoo has been slashing the staff at its sports sites over the last few years. It attempted to launch a subscription-based Mets app in 2019, but that plan never got off the ground and all the writers were let go. Long-time editor Kevin Kaduk was laid off around the same time. A year ago, the site’s entire UK editorial team was let go.

A subscription-based Mets app? Can’t believe that idea didn’t work out.

But yeah, if you go to Yahoo’s main page, there’s a carousel with images of Keyser, Brown, and Oz. The latter two tweeted out that they were let go, but their images are still up. And if you peruse the content offerings, you’ll see some that are sourced to those affiliated NBC sites (Corey Seidman’s name appears), while others are authored by Keyser or “Yahoo Sports Staff.”

There used to be a pretty good baseball presence at Yahoo. Jeff Passan was with them before he left for ESPN. Seems like it’s gonna be a combo of aggregation and affiliated content moving forward, unless something else is coming down the pike.

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