We have a free agent visit:

Joe Flacco? Why not?

Local guy. Played at Delaware. Won a Super Bowl. He’s zero threat to take Jalen Hurts’ starting job (or Justin Fields’ job or somebody else if the Birds decide to go that route). And unlike Nick Foles, after one bad throw, legions of idiots aren’t going to be calling for Flacco to replace the starting quarterback.

The Eagles are entering a transitional year. They need to create an environment where a young quarterback can thrive via maximum reps with very little on his shoulders. Jalen Hurts doesn’t need to be “pushed” in year number two, when he’s only played four career games. That’s why you bring in a veteran quarterback who poses zero threat, and can mentor him from a distance. Flacco fits the bill. Alex Smith does, too. Nick Foles does not.

That’s just like, my opinion man.