So last night Giannis Antetokounmpo went on an individual run in overtime, putting the Bucks up by seven.

He then went and sat on the Sixers logo, which seemed kind of corny at the time, not because he wasn’t playing well at that point, but because he had largely struggled through the first three quarters against a Sixers team missing Joel Embiid. Ben Simmons did a nice job deputizing in defense against a former league MVP.

Afterward, Dwight Howard was asked if he was bothered by the perceived slight, and said that yes, he was:

Good answer. You just can’t do anything on the other team’s logo. It never ends well. Just look at the Ravens and Titans this past year. UK and Louisville football had a kerfluffle. Terrell Owens got clobbered by George Teague after running to the Cowboys star.

We’re gonna have to wait and see what happens. Perhaps in the playoffs Dwight Howard delivers the Stone Cold Stunner, and then says, “Dwight Howard 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!” And then he climbs into the stands and smashes a couple of beer cans on his head.

And that’s the bottom line! Because Dwight Howard said so.