Good morning.

Let’s have a great week. No arguing about unpaid internships.

We’re gonna start if off with a tidbit from SI’s Albert Breer, who includes in his MMQB column a tidbit about Eagles Pro Bowl guard Brandon Brooks: 

Eagles G Brandon Brooks: Among the NFL’s best guards before he got hurt, a torn Achilles cost him the 2020 season. But he was healthy enough to practice before the end of the year, and the 31-year-old is under contract the next four years for a reasonable $53.2 million, and just $10.5 million this year. There have been trade discussions here.

Trading Brooks?

This would depend on how you feel about undergoing a transition period, or blowing it up entirely.

He signed the four-year extension in 2019, and if they traded him this year would not save a lot of money, only a little more than $2 million. The cap savings would be much better in 2022, when he would only carry a $8.1m dead money charge. He’s guaranteed $10 million this season and hits the cap at $14.5 million. Really the best way to navigate the situation now, if you want to move on, is a post-June 1st trade.

Doesn’t seem like this needs to happen though. Depends on what a team is willing to give up. If you’re committed to the rebuild and want to eat some more salary in exchange for a decent draft pick, maybe it’s something you entertain. Brooks has been fantastic when healthy, but if you think he’s a risk to get hurt again, then certainly you could justify moving him now and trying to get younger, quicker.