This had been reported a few weeks ago, with D Gunn first on it, but here’s some more information about Brandon Graham’s restructure:

For background, Graham restructured his contract in 2019 and converted his 2020 base salary into an option. That added a void year to the end of his dealand reduced his 2020 cap number.

In this case, according to Fowler’s sources, they’d cut down the 2021 cap hit, extend him for another season, and further rearrange some of that money to provide short-term relief.

None of this is surprising, and we knew it was coming. I think the next interesting defensive line question involves Derek Barnett, who is set to play this season on the 5th year of his rookie deal at a $10 million cap hit. They could release him outright, which doesn’t seem like a smart move, because you’re just giving up on a former first round pick. Other options? They could simply take that cap hit with no issues, or they could extend him and adjust his money at the same time, which they did here with Graham and have done with other players in the past.