Free agency has been pretty lame, hasn’t it?

The Eagles haven’t done a damn thing. No additions. Just a couple of restructures and a few reported links to some tier 2 and tier 3 players, like Jacoby Brissett and K’Waun Williams.

They also haven’t done anything with Zach Ertz, and according to Mike Garafolo, aren’t in a hurry:

“They are gonna hold him until they get the value in return, for a trade, that they expect.” 

Okay. Well the issue here is that Ertz is coming off a down year. Obviously suitors are going to take that and say ‘he’s not worth as much as you’re asking.’ The Eagles, as Garafolo mentions, probably see it as a ‘yeah but he’s a Pro Bowler’ type of thing.

At this point, cutting Zach Ertz doesn’t do much for you. It would make more sense if they did it post-June 1st. Regardless, if Ertz is willing to play out his current contract after a trade, then LA would make sense. The Chargers just let Hunter Henry walk and could give Ertz a shot to see if he can turn a down year around. Even if the Eagles only get back a 4th or a 5th rounder, what’s the alternative? You’re trying to move this thing forward and get younger, and we thank Ertz for the Super Bowl and the amazing memories and wish him well at his next stop.