Sad update to the Britt Reid car crash story.

The five-year old girl who was injured in the accident has brain damage, according to the family’s lawyer:

The pictures don’t look good. Obviously Reid was going pretty fast when he stuck the other two vehicles.

Young, the victim, had been in a coma for about two weeks after the crash, and then woke up in mid-February. That was confirmed in an update posted at the GoFundMe page.

One day after that post, the family wrote this:

“Ariel, while she is awake she is not the same happy free spirited little girl she was before this horrific crash. She has a long road to recovery and the things that were once easy for her will no longer be. We are so happy she is awake yet so sad at the toll this took on her body and brain. We are thankful for the continued support and love for her right now. No family or child should ever have to go through this.”

There’s no word on charges for Reid, who is Andy Reid’s son. Toxicology reports have not been released and it was reported in February that it would take weeks until prosecutors would have a completed case file, which also includes witness statements and crash reconstruction.