Kyle Lowry Watch 2021: Serious Engagement?

Photo Credit: Bob Levey /POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports

The boss wants us to flood the zone with KYLE LOWRY content, so here’s the latest rumor:

Seriously engaged, eh?

The interesting thing is that the Lakers didn’t enter the conversation until Wednesday. That’s what was reported by Woj and Zach Lowe during their afternoon ESPN special.

Los Angeles doesn’t have anything to give, however. Their first round picks went to New Orleans in the Anthony Davis trade. They’d have to move Dennis Schroder and probably KCP to make this work, and they’d be waiting for AD and LeBron to get healthy before they could build any kind of chemistry with Lowry, who is ready to play right now.

That’s why the Lakers thing seems weird. They definitely cannot offer what Miami and Philly can offer, which is picks and players. The sticking point for the Heat seems to be Tyler Herro, and Toronto would benefit from just leveraging these teams and waiting it out for the best possible deal.

Lowry watch, 2021.

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