Does LeSean McCoy deserve enshrinement in the Hall of Fame?

Shady thinks so.

He recently appeared on a podcast called All Things Covered, which is hosted by Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson and retired Cardinal/Steeler Bryant McFadden.

Said McCoy, in part, courtesy of

“I got stats. I got two championships. A lot of these dudes have three or four good years and they make them the greatest. I’ve been the best in my decade-plus. Everybody can’t say that.”

First things first, Shady talking about his Super Bowl rings is rich. He didn’t even play in Super Bowl 54, and in most of that postseason was completely inactive. He rushed for 465 regular season yards as the second option on a passing team, and then sat behind Damien Williams in the playoffs and was not used for the title game.

Same thing this year. McCoy ran the ball 10 times for 31 yards and wasn’t used in the playoffs. Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones handled the rock-carrying duties en route to another title.

So any Hall of Fame argument that mentions Shady’s rings needs to come with a grain of salt, or a huge asterisk, because there just wasn’t much contribution from him on those championship teams.

The raw stats, however, do stack up.

Among active runners, only Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore have more yards. He was the 2013 rushing leader, with 1,607 yards, and had six seasons of 1,000 or more yards. Twice he went for more than 500 receiving yards and currently sits on 74 rushing touchdowns and 16 receiving touchdowns. He ran the ball for 11,102 yards, which is more than some Hall of Famers, among them Terrell Davis and Earl Campbell. He’s 22nd on the all-time list and with another 150 yards can pass O.J. Simpson and Corey Dillon, if there’s a team willing to bring him in for one final season.

It’s hard to argue against Shady’s sustained production for a full decade. He was incredibly consistent. 500+ yards in 2009 as a rookie, and then in 2018, ten years later, during his final Buffalo year. He didn’t miss a ton of games and was relatively healthy for most of that time frame.

I just don’t know if has the postseason chops or other successes to get into the Hall. He only appeared in four playoff games. His rings were won by other guys. He also had some off field incidents, and spoiled the Avengers movie, which might hurt his chances.

We’ll see. Let’s talk about it on the radio tomorrow.