March Madness: It’s Time to Vote in Round Two of our Eagles Media Field of 64

This is madness. This is March!

After a first round that was full of excitement, it’s time to vote once again in our Philadelphia Eagles media field of 64 bracket, which Mike Missanelli says we stole from him… outright! We’re checking with the United States Patent and Trademark office to see if Mike can claim proprietorship over the bracket idea, and will only cease and desist in the face of robust legal challenge.

Until then, enjoy yourself, and let’s have fun crowning the world champion of the Eagles media. Just scroll down to the regionals below and cast your ballots. Click “vote as anonymous WordPress user” when prompted. We’ll be adding Instagram voting a little bit later today as well, if you prefer to vote via social media. In the Sweet 16, we’re likely going to add Twitter as well, to give people different platforms on which to participate.

**Once again, don’t worry if you get an error message after voting. All of the votes are being counted properly, it’s just a quirk that sometimes causes the display to fail if too many people are on the site at the same time. Rest assured there is no ballot harvesting going on here, and to prove that we didn’t rig the vote, I posted screenshots of the vote totals following round one. 

Bobby Hoying regional

This region is absolutely stacked. It’s murderer’s row, highlighted by a huge upset from The Green Legion, which defeated Ike Reese with the largest number of votes in the round of 64. Will they do it again in round two, against #3 seed Jimmy Kempski? Or will hordes of Philly Voice readers come out to support their guy?

There were a number of other upsets in this part of the bracket, with Sal Pal defeating Howard “The King” Eskin and Brian Westbrook taking out the veteran Bob Grotz. Expect some tight contests in the round of 32, between evenly matched media members.

#1 Tim McManus vs. #8 Jon Ritchie
#12 Sal Paolantonio vs. #4 Mike Kaye
#11 Green Legion vs. #3 Jimmy Kempski
#10 Brian Westbrook vs. #7 Derrick Gunn

Izel Jenkins regional

Dave Spadaro moves on!

The affable reporter defeats Joe Santoliquito to set up a second round matchup with Dave Zangaro.

Elsewhere in the bracket, that Rob Maaddi vs. Adam Caplan contest is a classic 5/4 battle with no clear favorite. The books couldn’t determine a favorite. It’s a pick ’em.

#1 Jeff McLane vs. #9 Ed Kracz
#5 Rob Maaddi vs. #4 Adam Caplan
#11 James Seltzer vs. #3 Les Bowen
#10 Dave Spadaro vs. #2 Dave Zangaro

Reno Mahe regional

The Reno Mahe regional is TOUGH.

We had not one, not two, but three upsets in the first round. It’s almost like watching Oregon State in the real NCAA tournament.

Among the lower seeds to advance were Seth Joyner, Ross Tucker, and Brian Baldinger. Perhaps the selection committee did a poor job with the bracket and will have to change the rules next year! We underestimated the popularity of the national/local hybrid guys.

#1 Zach Berman vs. #8 Rickie Ricardo
#12 Seth Joyner vs. #4 Bo Wulf
#11 Ross Tucker vs. #3 Geoff Mosher
#10 Brian Baldinger vs. #2 John Clark

Chris Gocong regional

No surprises at the top, as #1 seed Ray Didinger dispatched the upstart Gayle Saunders to advance. Elsewhere in the bracket, Mike Sielski scored a big upset over the #6 seed, Eliot Shorr-Parks.

It sets up a couple of insane matchups. Brandon Lee Gowton vs. John McMullen? Sielski vs. Domo? Reuben Frank vs. Sheil Kapadia?

Holy cow!

#1 Ray Didinger vs. #8 Mike Quick
#5 Brandon Lee Gowton vs. #4 John McMullen
#11 Mike Sielski vs. #3 Paul Domowitch
#7 Sheil Kapadia vs. #2 Reuben Frank

Here’s the current bracket, for a refresher:

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