Matisse Thybulle’s Fishtown Mural is Paired with a Charitable Endeavor

Photo Credit: Red bull

You may have seen by now that Sixers’ wing Matisse Thybulle is featured on a pretty badass looking mural at the corner of Frankford and Girard, painted on the side of the bar known as “Garage.”

The mural was done by Philadelphia artist Gloss Black and celebrates Thybulle’s impact on and off the court.

There’s a TON of foot traffic in this area, so this is going to get a lot of eyeballs:

(photo credit: Red Bull)

The cool thing – and I don’t know if this was widely reported when people were sharing photos of the mural – is that Red Bull and the Sixers are teaming up for a charitable endeavor based on Matisse’s on-court play. For every steal Thybulle logs this season, the two organizations are partnering to donate $250 to refurbish Philadelphia basketball courts in tandem with the Parks and Rec department. At the All-Star break, Matisse has 46 steals, which has resulted in $11,500 in donations.

So if Doc Rivers wants to rebuild the entirety of Philadelphia’s urban basketball infrastructure, all he has to do is play a lot of 2-3 zone.