It’s nice and warm outside, so let’s get it back to baseball.

The National League East is gonna be tough this year. Best division in the majors. You’ve got the Braves, Nationals, Phils, and the sexy pick, the New York Mets, who have a new owner and some fancy new signings to show off on opening day.

They’re thinking good thoughts, and like their chances to win the division, and now that confidence and assertiveness has manifested in one of the most absurd videos you will ever see:

Let’s get some context here from ESPN:

On a Wednesday with no spring training games on the calendar, the Mets set up a drill called the 27-outs game, which requires a team to record 27 outs without making an error. With coaches Luis Rivera and Tony Tarasco taking turns hitting fungoes around the field, the Mets’ defense recorded out by out.

With one out left in the game, Tarasco set up a situation where the Mets were in Game 7 of the World Series needing one out to win. After a catch by outfielder Michael Conforto, the team decided to celebrate as if it had just clinched a title.

“I thought Michael did a good job of simulating the catching and running back in and everyone was celebrating, so fun times,” said Mets manager Luis Rojas. “It was an exciting camp day. Probably the best I’ve seen that drill done in my young coaching career.”

Yeah? We’ll we’re all for having fun I guess. It’s always good to think positive thoughts. Should you try to ‘project’ and ‘visualize’ where you would like to be in seven month’s time? Yeah, I think that’s a healthy exercise for mental health and goal-setting. We’d all agree that teams or individuals would probably benefit from setting their sights on a certain objective and then focusing on that.

But something about this video just feels incredibly corny. Maybe keep this in house, at the very least just so you don’t jinx yourselves. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s the New York Mets doing this that makes the video so cringeworthy.