Lost in the shuffle of the dueling Howie Roseman/Carson Wentz press conferences was the fact that we got to hear from Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni for only the second time.

Not sure how you felt watching him, but he seemed to be more comfortable in this setting, with Roseman taking on the bulk of the questions. And when he was queried, he came across as a ball of energy, getting really into football from a dorky and somewhat lovable perspective.

That’s the best way to describe it. He seems REALLY enthusiastic about the game, which we’d all agree is probably a prerequisite to coaching football, but something about the way he gets excited is refreshingly curious. He’s young and new and has not become the jaded and burned out asshole that a lot of coaches ultimately turn into.

Case in point, here he is talking about the four traits he wants in a player, which are toughness, football IQ, competitive spirit, and loving the game:

Later, he got a little out of control when talking about his brother:

Some people were rolling their eyes during that part of the press conference, or thinking it was a disaster, but I dunno.

I think it’s kind of endearing that he’s really excited about football in a goofy kind of way. No clue if that actually translates to him being a good coach or not, but sometimes when you have this infectious type of energy, it rubs off on the players and other coaches. And if Sirianni is going 200% in his first head coaching gig, then that might be reciprocated by the players. It’s kind of like an employer giving a shit about you, which makes you want to work harder for them. That’s probably the best Posidelphia take one can offer at this point, otherwise Sirianni would seem to be a total wild card.