Pennsylvania Eases COVID Restrictions on Sporting Venues, Throws Ball Back into Philadelphia’s Court

Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports

Friday, we had a borderline nothing burger story when the City of Philadelphia eased restrictions on the number of persons allowed at sporting events.

It was a pseudo-burger because it only matched the restrictions currently in place at the state level, which limited indoor attendance at the Wells Fargo Center to 500 people. The positive takeaway was that we’d be able to have 2,500 people at the Phillies season opener.

Fast forward two days, and well, what do ya know! Governor Wolf is altering the capacity levels at the state level for indoor and outdoor events:

Again, to reiterate, this doesn’t mean anything right now for the Phillies, Flyers, Eagles, and Sixers, only the Union, who play in Delco. The state has simply loosened their restrictions and tossed the ball back into Philadelphia’s court. If the city again relaxes their restrictions, THEN we’re talking.

Going by the threshold provided by the state, the following capacity would be allowed in each building, ONLY IF THE CITY MATCHES:

  • Citizens Bank Park – about 8,600 people
  • Lincoln Financial Field – about 13,500 people
  • Wells Fargo Center – about 2,925 people

Keep in mind, these are max occupancy numbers, which includes players/coaches/staff/etc. Fan numbers will be slightly lower, but again the ball is in Philly’s court and only Kenney and Farley can take the next step.

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