Pennsylvania Further Relaxing COVID Restrictions on Sporting Venues in April

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Some more good news for y’all as we exit the pandemic slowly and steadily.

Governor Tom Wolf announced today that Pennsylvania will be further relaxing restrictions on sporting venues as part of a new wave of COVID guidelines going into effect on April 4th:

“..revised maximum occupancy limits for indoor events to allow for 25% of maximum occupancy, regardless of venue size, and maximum occupancy limits for outdoor events to allow for 50%…”

Of course, the City of Philadelphia must match these guidelines before it has any meaningful effect on Sixers, Flyers, or Phillies games.

But assuming we meet that threshold locally by April 4th, we could have 21,000 fans at Citizens Bank Park just a few games into the season. Right now, there can only be about 8,000 fans at CBP for the home opener, on April 1st. That’s based on the stadium holding around 45,000 people.

As for the Wells Fargo Center, 25% would get us to about 4,875 people, so a little more than 4,000 fans when you consider staffers, coaches, players, and vendors. Sunday, there crowd was about 3,000 strong, so this would boost the number slightly.

RE: the Union, they open on April 14th, and if Delco is cool with it, Subaru Park should have 9,000 strong for the Champion’s League game against Saprissa.

Fingers crossed, we’ll get there soon. Looks like the ballpark is going to be 50% full, at least, for the majority of the season.