Pittsburgh Penguins Discipline Staffer for Deception via Photoshopping

via Penguins Twitter account

The Pittsburgh Penguins?

Disgusting franchise. Remember when they took government loan money that was intended for small businesses? What a load of baloney. Typical slimy Yinzer behavior.

Now the Primanti Brothers lovers are in hot water again, this time accused of doctoring an image of fans in their arena, according to KDKA, the excellent CBS affiliate out there in Western PA:

The Pittsburgh Penguins found themselves under fire after allegedly photoshopping masks onto fans’ faces during the team’s first game in front of fans in nearly a year.

Tuesday night’s game was the first time fans had been allowed back into PPG Paints Arena when they hosted the Philadelphia Flyers.

Mask mandates and limited capacity efforts have been put in place.

But it was a post on Twitter following the game that has social media up in arms.

On Wednesday the team posted a photo of fans in the stands saying, “Thanks for the continued support Penguins fans. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow night.”

Really? Come on.

Here’s the tweet in question:

According to KDKA, the original photo comes from Getty Images and shows one of the fans not wearing a mask, but the version posted on Twitter shows each individual wearing masks.

That resulted in the Penguins issuing a statement that said this:

“While perhaps well intended, our staffer should not have altered a wide crowd photo to adjust masks on faces of even a few fans who were not strictly following the rules. Our social media team should never send out altered photos to our fan base. This is a violation of our social media and safety policy, and this staffer has been disciplined.”

The Flyers lost that game by a final score of 5-2. As punishment for this transgression, it’s only fair that the game be tossed out and stricken from the record books. Then justice will have been served.

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