Sixers Being Linked to Houston’s P.J. Tucker


Inevitably, most of the players that Daryl Morey had in Houston would be linked to Philadelphia via trade or buyout.

Here’s the latest rumor making the rounds:

The article in question is behind a paywall, but authored by Tom Haberstroh, who we’d say is pretty well plugged in. He used to do regional stuff for the NBC Sports affiliates up and down the east coast.

Tucker makes a lot of sense for the Sixers in that he’s a power forward/glue guy or a small ball five, and Philly could benefit from both of those things. Beyond Mike Scott, there’s no depth at the four, and Tucker is a veteran who does a lot of small things well while shooting the ball at a decent clip.

He’s 35 years old and currently in the midst of a down year, but my honest take there is that the Rockets stink now, so you can’t glue the parts together if they aren’t good. Bring him here and he probably shoots closer to the 36% from three he shot in Houston, vs. the 31% he’s offering now. Tucker is a solid defender who would bring some consistency to that second unit and improve the pieces around him.

I’d do a second rounder for Tucker in a heart beat. If they want something else, I’d think about it, but there’s not going to huge demand for a peripheral piece anyway.

Let’s #DoTheDeal.

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