Tobi and Bobi Reunited for Goldfish Crackers Commercial

Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic are very good friends who played on the same teams and were packaged together in multiple trades during the early portion of their NBA careers.

They’re currently separated, with ‘Tobi’ playing here and ‘Bobi’ in Dallas, but recently reunited for a Goldfish crackers commercial:

Harris was asked about this commercial after last night’s Sixers game, but didn’t have much to say because he was in a bad mood after the loss. There’s no time for fluff when you’re stewing, which should please Angelo Cataldi and his ilk.

But on a more serious note, Goldfish crackers are underrated as a snack. Not only is the original flavor a timeless classic, but Pepperidge Farm has really branched out over the years to offer more flavor and variety.

Here’s my top five Goldfish cracker flavors:

  1. original
  2. Goldfish pretzels
  3. flavor blasted Xtra cheddar
  4. parmesan and cheesy pizza mix
  5. S’mores graham cracker variety

You may disagree, but that’s okay, as Joe Cordell (of the domestic litigation law firm Cordell and Cordell) would say.

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