Is our Eagles media bracket fugazi?

That was one of the accusations from an unhappy reader, who posted on Facebook.

All the selection committee can say is that we have investigated for signs of Russian collusion and found nothing. Nada. Zilch. The Final Four contestants have simply mustered more support and energized their respective bases. That’s the reason why The Green Legion and Bleeding Green Nation are represented in the Final Four. As for Seth Joyner, we had no idea how popular he was.

Regardless of individual feelings about the upsets that led to us to these semifinal matchups, we have an exercise to complete. Somebody must be crowned the winner, and now it’s time to vote:

#5 Brandon Lee Gowton vs. #12 Seth Joyner

#4 Adam Caplan vs. #11 Green Legion

Good luck to all of the remaining contestants.

As we’ve done for the last three rounds, we will tally the website, Twitter, and Instagram totals, and present the results on this website. We’ll be down to the championship game on Monday morning.