APRIL MADNESS: Incredible Upsets in the Sweet 16 of our Eagles Media Bracket

We have a couple of massive upsets to report.

Every single #1 seed in our Eagles media Field of 64 bracket has been eliminated. Even Ray Didinger is out!

This is madness. This is April. It was a round of voting that featured some absolutely insane victories, with underdogs pulling off crazy wins to advance.

Without further ado, here are the voting results from the Sweet 16, which combined website voting, Instagram, and Twitter:


Chris Gocong regional


Ray Didinger vs. Brandon Lee Gowton

  • Instagram vote: Ray 233, BLG 30
  • Twitter vote: Ray 372, BLG 87
  • Total:  BLG 1,406, Ray Diddy 1,183

An incredible upset!

Brandon Lee Gowton must have mobilized the entirety of Bleeding Green Nation, because they made a huge push on the web to make up for significant losses on social media. BLG defeats the Hall of Famer Ray Didinger in the Sweet 16!


Mike Sielski vs. Reuben Frank

  • Instagram vote: Roob 183, Sielski 69
  • Twitter vote: Roob 373, Sielski 118
  • Total: Sielski 1,424, Roob 907

Mike Sielski, a #11 seed, pulls off his third-straight upset win.

The selection committee is stunned to see such a lopsided margin of victory in website voting. Was the ballot box stuffed? There’s no way. Our voting systems are fraud-proof and we ensure the integrity of the competition.

Sielski advances to the Elite 8. Roob is out.


Izel Jenkins regional


Jeff McLane vs. Adam Caplan

  • Instagram vote: McLane 198, Caplan 49
  • Twitter vote: McLane 458, Caplan 374
  • Total: Caplan 1,449, McLane 1,101

Holy cow. Another #1 seed goes down!?

What a performance by Caplan, the #4 seed. He has prevailed in the Sweet 16 and denied the fans the Jeff McLane/Les Bowen matchup that they were all hoping for.


Les Bowen vs. Dave Zangaro

  • Instagram vote: Bowen 163, Zangaro 87
  • Twitter vote: Bowen 256, Zangaro 163
  • Total: Bowen 1,334, Zangaro 432

Is… Les Bowen a threat to win it all?

The veteran Philadelphia Inquirer writer took out the #2 seed, Dave Zangaro, with relative ease. The path to the Final Four is wide open. This is incredible to witness. We are all witnesses.


Reno Mahe regional


Zach Berman vs. Seth Joyner

  • Instagram vote: Joyner 134, Berman 123
  • Twitter vote: Berman 298, Joyner 141
  • Total: Joyner 1,664, Berman 680


From out of nowhere, Seth Joyner emerges to clobber Zach Berman in a 12/1 upset, the likes of which we may never see again.

The selection committee severely underestimated the popularity of ex-Eagles with minor media roles, and the fans have come out in FORCE to show them the error of their ways.


Geoff Mosher vs. Brian Baldinger

  • Instagram vote: Baldy 159, Mosher 93
  • Twitter vote: Baldy 733, Mosher 370
  • Total: Baldy 2,215, Mosher 630

Tell you what –

Baldy is a god damn force to be reckoned with. He’s eliminated Conor Myles, John Clark, and now Geoff Mosher. With relative ease.

It’ll be Baldy vs. Seth Joyner in a 10/12 matchup for a spot in the Final Four. That’s crazy. How many people had either one of those guys coming out of the Reno Mahe regional?


Bobby Hoying regional


Tim McManus vs. Sal Paolantonio

  • Instagram vote: T Mac 153, Sal Pal 104
  • Twitter vote: T Mac 339, Sal Pal 102
  • Total: Sal Pal 1,609, T Mac 848

Sweet Jesus. Sal Paolantonio defeats Tim McManus?

Sal Pal was on the bubble back in March. He barely even qualified for this bracket! Now he finds himself in the Elite 8 after victories over Howard Eskin, Mike Kaye, and T Mac? What a Cinderella story.

With Sal’s win, all of the #1 seeds have been eliminated. What the hell is going on here?


The Green Legion vs. Derrick Gunn

  • Instagram vote: Gunner 210, Green Legion 37
  • Twitter vote: Gunner 453, Green Legion 74
  • Total: Green Legion 2,185, D Gunn 1,117

The Green Legion is a voting machine. They have rallied the troops, mobilized the base, and embarked on this incredible ground game en route to the Elite 8. Stacey Abrams might be organizing them.

Some folks have raised questions about the Legion’s inclusion in this bracket. Aren’t they just a fan group?

The committee says no. The Legion has a popular podcast/radio show that features former Eagle and former WIP host Hollis Thomas. Therefore, the committee decided that they would be included, and they are now a problem for the other competitors, because their supporters are fired up and turning out to vote.

Who will defeat the Green Legion?