APRIL MADNESS: It’s Time to Vote in the Elite Eight of our Eagles Media Field of 64

The selection committee would like to say something to all voters who have thus far participated in our Eagles media field of 64.

We are just as stunned as you are. We did not foresee all four #1 seeds going out in the Sweet 16. We did not see Seth Joyner and Sal Paolantonio advancing to the Elite Eight as #12 seeds. We did not anticipate The Green Legion trucking their way through the Bobby Hoying regional as their voting base shows a fervor and passion for the competition.

But as Leo DiCaprio once said, in The Wolf of Wall Street, “the show goes on!” The favorites are eliminated, but we have to crown a champion in this contest, and if you want to crown ’em, then crown their ass!

(Once again voting will take place here, on Twitter, and Instagram. We will tally the votes later this week and present the results. Rest assured we have investigated all claims of voter suppression and found zero evidence of fraud.)


Chris Gocong regional

An incredible upset in the Sweet 16 saw Bleeding Green Nation’s Brandon Lee Gowton take out the #1 overall seed, Ray Didinger. Now he has to face a fellow underdog in the #11 seed Mike Sielski, who pulled off three-straight upsets to get to this point.

#5 Brandon Lee Gowton vs. #11 Mike Sielski


Izel Jenkins regional

Fans might be disappointed that they were denied the much-anticipated Les Bowen/Jeff McLane matchup, but instead we have a very compelling 3/4 contest between Bowen and Adam Caplan, who took out McLane, Rob Maaddi, and Governor Ed Rendell to reach the Elite Eight.

#3 Les Bowen vs. #4 Adam Caplan


Bobby Hoying regional

This is insane. Sal Pal? He barely even made the tournament! He’s kind of like a low-seeded Syracuse team, which always plays well once they get into the big dance. They’re so annoying, with their annoying white guards.

Sal’s award for his incredible run is a matchup with the formidable Green Legion, which does indeed count as media. They run a popular radio show/podcast featuring former Eagles Hollis Thomas.

#12 Sal Paolantonio vs. #11 The Green Legion


Reno Mahe regional

Could the winner of the Reno Mahe regional win it all?

Here we have two former players in Brian Baldinger and Seth Joyner, who have not only completed several upsets to reach this point, but just clobbered their opponents along the way. This one is like the unstoppable force against the immovable object, and something has to give.

#12 Seth Joyner vs. #10 Brian Baldinger
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