Congratulations to The Green Legion, which has claimed victory in our inaugural Eagles Media Field of 64 bracket (an idea we allegedly stole from Mike Missanelli).

They mustered more than 11,000 votes to triumph over Brandon Lee Gowton and Bleeding Green Nation, generating excitement and enthusiasm among their base. There was a fervor and energy that simply could not be matched by the 63 other contestants in this bracket.

The selection committee is stunned that an eleven seed won this entire thing. The committee also understands that people are concerned about this bracket and have labeled it “fugazi,” “bogus,” and “trash” on our Facebook page.

The committee will address the following questions at this time:

1. Is The Green Legion even media? 

Yes. The Green Legion runs a popular podcast and radio show that features former Eagle Hollis Thomas, They also broadcast every Saturday at 1 p.m. on FOX Sports The Gambler and have been doing so for a year now. Our bracket included podcasters, former players, analysts, and beat writers, so it incorporated more than just the folks who go down to the games and press conferences.

2. Did the Legion cheat? Did they have help from Russia?

If they did, I can’t prove it. We looked over the numbers and didn’t see any red flags on our end. It’s possible that perhaps one or more people could have tunneled with a VPN and cast votes from a different IP address, but we do not have the capability to investigate that. And if they went to those extreme measures to win a meaningless bracket competition, then we don’t know what to say. From what I can tell, the Legion simply shared the shit out of our posts and got their people to vote.

Here’s how the final numbers look:

  • Instagram: BLG 173, Legion 132
  • Twitter: BLG 949, Legion 243
  • Total: Legion 11,851, BLG 6,527

Thank you everybody for participating in our fun and goofy exercise. The whole point was to have a laugh.

And if you’re disappointed with the results, take it up with the voters. We will try to “do a better job” next year, as Andy Reid would say.