Dave Spadaro Lands Yet Another Eagles Exclusive

from Eagles.com

This guy Dave Spadaro. Nobody lands more exclusive Eagles interviews than he does. The other people who cover the Birds need to do a better job, because Spuds is currently lapping them.*

Here’s his most recent offering, which is a pre-draft interview with GM Howie Roseman and head coach Nick Sirianni, who loves ball:

Any takeaways from this?

Didn’t know Sirianni’s parents were educators. Didn’t know he was an education major. There’s a semi-useful nugget, I think..

Roseman says they have the “flexibility” to trade up or back in the first round. We’ve heard some rumors about that this week. Either move would not come as a surprise.

Otherwise it’s just more fluff. Sirianni does seem slightly more comfortable in each of these appearances. He naturally seems like an excitable dude with infectious energy, so hopefully it rubs off on the players.


*the thickest of sarcasm

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